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    If you want to convert your PowerPoint presentations to Flash, in this MasterNewMedia guide you will find all of the best tools and services available on the market, reviewed for you. I will also illustrate why Flash is the best option to share and distribute your PowerPoint presentations and which are the specific advantages that can derive from transcoding your PowerPoint presentations to Flash.


    Here some of the main advantages of converting your PowerPoint presentations into Flash movies:

    1. Greater accessibility: Once converted to Flash, anyone can easily view a PowerPoint presentation using a standard web browser, as more than 98% of all browsers have the Adobe flash plug-in already installed. Thus, you are not required to install any special software or tell your audience to do the same to enjoy your slides.
    2. Compatibility: All recent operating system or mobile devices (iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad excluded) allow your readers to watch your presentations using the Flash technology.
    3. Reduced files size: You drastically reduce the size of your presentation up to 1 / 10th of the original file size.
    4. Sound integration: Flash videos can integrate audio tracks, music and voice-overs, so they are a great way to produce video tutorials with your existing content with the minimum effort.
    5. Display resolution: Flash files can be played at virtually any resolution and / or screen size, making it an ideal way to distribute presentations across many display devices.
    6. Internet distribution: Sharing PowerPoint presentations over the Internet sometimes makes it difficult for other people to enjoy your content. Not everyone has PowerPoint installed on her PC, but when you distribute a video file to a web server, forum or video-sharing service, anyone can watch it. Just imagine having your presentation up on YouTube and you got the idea.
    7. Streaming: Flash files use streaming technology that allows online viewers to start watching the presentation without waiting for the entire presentation to download before playback begins.
    8. Basic interaction controls: Flash videos contain optional embedded controls that let the end user control playback, stop and rewind the presentation.
    9. More distribution options: Flash, for the reasons previously listed, is also an ideal format for distributing presentations on physical devices like CD-ROMs, DVDs or USB keys so that you can enjoy or present your slides even with a standard DVD player in your living room.
    10. Secure: Others may edit your presentation files with PowerPoint once they got your slides on their machine. Flash video files instead are more difficult to edit for the non-technical person, which means you maintain a greater degree of control over your content.

    And here is my personal list of PowerPoint to Flash converting tools:

  • iSpring Pro

    iSpring Pro is a professional PowerPoint to Flash converter available as a PowerPoint add-in for 2007, 2003, XP, and 2010 (both 32-bit and 64-bit editions) to convert PowerPoint to Flash presentations.

    With a single click of a button iSpring exports your presentation into Flash format preserving animations, even trigger animations, all transition effects, styles, hyperlinks, embedded audio and video clips. iSpring offers new, fully-customizable player template with support for ActionScript 3 that ensures far better playback of most effects and slide transitions.

    You can further enhance Flash slideshows with synchronized audio and video comments. iSpring provides the opportunity to synchronize a single video with the whole presentation. In addition, iSpring helps to protect your presentation by adding a password, watermark, domain restriction or time limit.

    Presentations can be published as SCORM compliant e-learning courses that ready for any Learning Management System. You can also deliver Flash presentations via iSpring hosted LMS and receive detailed reports on presentation effectiveness and users' activity. iSpring Pro, tightly integrated with QuizMaker and Kinetics, makes up iSpring Suite, an ultimate PowerPoint-based e-Learning authoring tool.

    Price iSpring Pro Business license costs $299 and covers two installations (work computer and laptop / home PC). Educational, volume discounts and a fully-functional 30-day free trial are available.

    Site: http://www.ispringsolutions.com/

    Download: http://www.ispringsolutions.com/download.html

  • PowerFlashPoint

    PowerFlashPoint is an add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint (all versions from 2002 to 2010) that allows you to convert PowerPoint to Flash format. Once installed, the software creates a dedicated menu inside your PowerPoint ribbon allowing users to start the conversion process with one click.

    All data or content inside presentations, such as video, audio or images are left untouched during conversion. Users can also set how the transitions between slides will be rendered, if hidden slides will be converted, and the quality of JPEG images that will be displayed on screen. All the PowerPoint effects including custom animations and transitions are preserved. Presentations converted can be published on the free sharing platform SlideServe.com. With PowerFlashPoint SDK leverage the most accurate PowerPoint to Flash Conversion software into your application. It is optimised for high multiple execution processing and performs fast batch conversion of PowerPoint presentations into compact and web-friendly Flash movies in no time.

    Other flash tools from DigitalOfficePro include PowerPoint Quiz Creator to create Flash Quizzes from PowerPoint, PowerDVDPoint to convert PowerPoint to DVD format and Zenler Studio - SCORM Complaint eLearning Authoring Tool depending on their needs.

    Price: $99 - Special Offer !! (PowerFlashPoint PPT to Flash costs $99 for a one-time license valid for a single computer. A free trial and multi-license discounts are available.)

    Site: http://www.digitalofficepro.com/powerpoint/Power-flash-point-converter.html

    Download: http://www.digitalofficepro.com/powerpoint/powerpoint-flash-free-download.html

  • Convert PowerPoint to Flash Manually

    WebProNews has a great guide on how to convert your PowerPOint presentation files to Flash movies manually, without the need to pay, install or download any software.

    The process itself is not very straightforward and to follow precisely all the instructions provided requires a bit of effort if you are not a technical person. Nonetheless, this is indeed a valuable and useful resource to convert powerpoint to flash without resorting to ppt to flash tools, and one which allows you to fine-tune the conversion process if you know where to put your hands.

    Site: http://www.webpronews.com/how-to-convert-powerpoint-to-flash-manually-2005-09




  • Last updated on: September 10, 2013
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