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    2011-10-10 16:22:27


    You may not need a FLASH solution - try this one to get the results that you are looking for: http://www.teach42.com/2010/07/07/ipad-presenting-powerpoint-videos-web-demos-and-more/

    2010-09-02 09:41:12


    Newbie question: I have a ppt presentation created on a mac that includes animations. I need to convert it to another format that will run more universally (ie without losing the animation - - some earlier and PC versions of PPT do not properly read the animation)) AND that will allow the user to advance the movie on click rather than playing straight through. I see lots of recommendations in this thread for various software to convert ppt to other formats - - but WHICH format do I need that will allow me to manually advance from the equivalent of slide to slide? Or should I simply do it as a series of, say, separate web pages, each with its own mini-movie corresponding to an individual ppt slide? Thanks in advance for your advice.

    2010-08-27 08:43:00


    I've been working with FlashSpringiSpring for three years now and it's pretty accurate. They have an option to produce plain SWF with no extra code. When I contacted their support, tech guys were very responsive. Hope they will help you too.

    2010-08-09 13:49:44


    Hello, I am looking for a converter that will crank out a slide-for-slide series of plain-jane SWFs to load into an existing presenter system. I also want to be able to set the stage size. Early version of FlashSpring Pro did work, but later versions add code that blows up in my presenter. Thanks in advance!

    2010-07-21 11:23:42


    I just downloaded their trial version of ppt2swf sdk and it doesn't do a poor job at all. Actually from all the converters i've tested it is one of the best. Keeping simple animations in tact and all. I can't believe they would make there test version better than the paid version. Maybe you should raise the image quality? standard it is on 25 percent put it on 100 percent

    2010-06-28 09:31:34

    Steve Ricketts

    I bought Conaito's PPT2Flash SDK for $1,800 and it converts PPT's VERY poorly. I've tried contacting their support group and they are no longer returning e-mails. I tried calling them in Germany and the phone is disconnected. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT!

    2010-04-13 23:59:36


    What part of ON A MAC did all you who answered that guy's question not understand? Not a one of you offered a suggestion for a program that would run on a MAC in Mac OS.

    2010-04-08 17:08:14


    Thanks, Sam, for the note on Katarina's blog. When you paste her website, you need to type a backslash where I type the actual word "slash": http:katarinanovak.edublogs.org slash 2008 slash 05 slash 05which-powerpoint-to-flash-converter-is-the-best-one slash Make sure you remove all spaces from the link too. Hope that helps others, TDH

    2010-03-24 09:45:56


    Yeah, I agree with Ron here. I see soo many features I don't need and those drive the price up.

    2010-01-05 10:43:01

    Sasha Ron

    Thank you for the list. I've tried a few and eventually bought Lecturnity. Not so expensive and not so overloaded with features.

    2009-07-11 04:58:05


    PPT 2 SWF SDK is a powerful solution providing your applications with an automatic Microsoft PowerPoint to Adobe Flash conversion feature. PPT 2 SWF SDK supports integration into desktop standalone applications, server side services and web sites. The SDK is compatible with C#, VB.NET, VB, Java, C++, ASP, ASP.NET. Basically, it should be compatible with most Windows platforms. Should you have a question regarding a specific one, please contact us to verify. With PPT 2 SWF SDK you can supply your customer or in house services with a fast batch conversion facility on a dedicated server, create own corporate presentation players and gain significantly more control over your presentations.

    2009-03-12 21:02:58

    Niall Rigby

    Would like to suggest newly released tool for Powerpoint to Flash conversion: Coral Presenter from Bermuda Scientific (http:www.bermuda-scientific.com). It'a a Powerpoint add-in with an audio recorder and editor for adding narration. You can also add questions. If you are developing elearning options allow you to output in the correct format for easy loading to any SCORM learning management system such as NetDimensions EKP. It's really easy to use. Free trial available from the Bermuda Scientific website.

    2008-12-22 21:44:12

    Moyea PPT4Web

    I suggest you try Moyea PPT4web, a great PPT to flash video conversion software, based on windows platform. It enables people to display powerpoint presentation on web easily. http://www.dvd-ppt-slideshow.com/ppt-to-flash/

    2008-09-09 21:09:20

    David Yun

    Just a note...Adobe's offering is now called Adobe Presenter and is available as a standalone product. It is even bundled into the newly released Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended.

    2008-08-25 23:54:01


    Thanks. I think FlashPoint is the most cost effective product I have tried so far.Only $49 for personal license. http:www.flashdemo.netppt2flash.html

    2008-07-01 01:33:44

    Yury Uskov

    FlashSpring is now iSpring, please check www.ispringsolutions.com As for iSpring SDK, is has a command line interface, but I would recomment to use its COM or .Net API.

    2008-06-19 11:04:12


    2 Darren: FlashSpring SDK has a command line interface. They have a demo at iSpring web site

    2008-06-02 06:04:05


    Came across one interesting article(http:katarinanovak.edublogs.org20080505which-powerpoint-to-flash-converter-is-the-best-one)on Katarina Novak's blog about which PowerPoint to flash converter is the best. Good content, worth reading.

    2008-05-12 10:07:55


    I'd like a command line version to convert PPT to flash.

    2008-05-07 00:59:59

    Phil H

    Does anyone know of software that converts a Powerpoint page into HTML code? Not the typical conversion described in this article, but a web page with actual HTML code that can be viewed in a browser. Thank you.

    2008-04-24 05:09:08


    PowerFlashPoint has just released a FREE PowerPoint to Flash converter. Download here: http:www.digitalofficepro.compowerpointPower-flash-point-converter.html

    2008-04-15 02:47:42


    To convert PowerPoint to flash I'll suggest everyone to take a look at iSpring Pro 3.1 http:www.ispringsolutions.comproductsispring_pro.html It has lots of features which were useful for me, especially Crystal skin and preloader.

    2008-01-22 09:55:59


    hi to all!!! i use another good tool it is Presentation to Video Converter! It is very easy step by step prog,have demo without timelimit!and its works with almost all formats...GLuck

    2007-12-05 02:28:54


    free PPT to Flash Conversion Tool from DigitalOfficePro . Download Link: http://digitalofficepro.com/PowerPoint/PowerPoint-Flash-free-converter-download.exe

    2007-08-08 18:21:14

    Terry Splitz

    Does anyone know of a good product to convert powerpoint to flash?

    2007-08-01 09:52:14


    Presentation To Video Converter - converts powerpoint (PPT, PPX) to: --- video (AVI, WMV, MPG, ASF); --- flash (SWF); --- animated GIF; - burns to CD/DVD.

    2007-07-30 04:29:18


    Monica, you can upload PowerPoint presentations to http://www.authorstream.com on a Mac. For each presentation, you will get a unique URL, which you can use to share; you also get code for your presentations to embed in your site or blog. The good thing about authorSTREAM is that it retains transitions, animations and sounds. Hope this solves your client's problem

    2007-07-28 03:55:47

    Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter

    authorGEN has just released a free PowerPoint to Flash converter. Download here: http://www.authorgen.com/authorpoint-lite-free/powerpoint-to-flash-converter.aspx

    2007-07-24 03:16:20


    Hi, I think FlashPoint is easier to use and with a more reasonable price. Thanks for all the resource.Good job!

    2007-05-15 13:17:56


    try they new 1.4 release and also use they support forum http://www.conaito.de/forum/forum.asp?FORUM_ID=13 they answer very fast

    2007-05-09 17:32:59

    Alan Bruce

    Well, after comparing the output of many of your suggestions, I have to say that the PresentationPro product is the best out there, although it is seriously flawed, too. Sorry to say, but the Conaito product that received two recommendations crashes on my system when trying to convert. And I have a very clean XP system with only the minimum software installed (I use VMWare to run a clean copy of XP for testing purposes). It might have actually been a good product, if it worked.

    2007-05-08 11:23:55


    I suggest to try http://conaito.de/ppt2flash_converter.asp

    2007-03-18 22:47:20


    Hi, I am looking for a good program to convert PPT files to Flash, ON A MAC. I have a client who is using this for charity and has recently moved over from PC to MAC. She desperately needs something good (and preferably not expensive) otherwise all of her work will not be able to be updated. thanks

    2007-01-20 02:35:14

    Michael Penney

    Hey if you don't mind your slideshow being public, check out Slideshare.com, it's like youtube for powerpoint, and it provides you with forms to email your presentation or embed it in your blog/website. There is also a nice tutorial here for embedding shideshare files in your Moodle courses: http://opensource.christophercraft.com/?p=58.

    2007-01-12 15:52:53


    Great comparison table. It is real time saver!

    2006-12-12 09:41:55


    I suggest you to try Conaito Ppt2Swf SDK: http://www.conaito.com/ppt2flash_ueberblick.asp

    2006-11-25 17:04:09


    Thank you always save me a bundle with such great comparisons

    2006-11-02 09:49:20


    Amazing! I wish all my Google searches returned such a complete comparison of available alternatives! Great job and thank you!

    2006-08-28 03:37:36


    I like sameshow to convert powerpoint to flash.share some resource about this thread: ------------------------------------------- Tutorial for PowerPoint to Flash: http://cooline18.googlepages.com/powerpoint-to-flash Make a homepage flash banner with PowerPoint: http://cooline18.googlepages.com/convertpowerpointtoflash PowerPoint template gallery - Free Download: http://cooline18.googlepages.com/freepowerpointtemplateshow

    2006-07-31 12:02:34

    Andreas Schwarzmann

    I think, FlashSpring converts presentations with better quality.. Articulate cannot create solid clip, PowerConverter cannot convert some elements.

    2006-05-24 13:43:12


    About ppt2swf from AJSOFT: I used it for converting a single slide ppt with some animations. ppt file must be present in a non-containing-name-spaces map, also for the swf created file when saving it. OK, that not such a point, but when starting the conversion, the tool creates a lot of images in the Temp map! Until your HD is full!! The tool stopped at over 30.000 files created(>3Gb) and wasn't ready converting yet...Also links created in the ppt give some strange beheviour when converting...openen Explorer for the linked site. Not usefull, this tool.

    2006-02-12 22:53:19

    RE: Keynote. Keynote does convert to Flash; however, the sound files are difficult if you want sound to accompany specific animations on individual slides. Keynote is cumbersome in this regard. My experience is that, unfortunately, the programs to convert Power Point to Flash are superior for Windows OS compared to what is offered to Macs for this specific purpose.

    2006-01-14 00:13:52

    I just found a new exciting product at www.elearningforce.dk. It is products for PPT + Word + Quizzes - all exported in Flash and playing together. And I have asked for the prices: it is going to be VERY "teacher"-priced - about 100 dollars Yours Anne Mette

    2005-08-18 02:12:11

    Tagging onto the Keynote mention (which, as an above comment mentioned, can convert PowerPoint to Flash, mpeg and other formats for free), it is worth noting that while you're using the superior Mac OS X, any item can also be exported to PDF. It is an option on the Print menu--"Save as PDF," next to "Fax."

    2005-08-12 17:55:41


    Need to convert each PPT slide into it's own, individual .SWF file. Articulate does this, but I believe I am unable to define what pixel dimensions I would like the final exported .SWF slides to be. The other converters I have tried compiled the individual PPT slide into a single SWF file. Anyone familiar with any products that might work for me? Thanks in advance, RALPH

    2005-08-05 12:28:29

    AJSoft Pakistan

    PowerPoint2FlashConverter is available at http://www.ajsoftpk.com/products.html

    2005-07-20 09:01:55

    James Woodman

    BTW you can download it from there: http://www.activeswf.com/flashspring/downloads.html

    2005-07-20 08:57:56

    James Woodman

    I checked FlashSpring and found that it was very suitable and easy tool for Flash content creation. FlashSpring is a very powerful and easy-to-use application, which allows professional Flash content creation in Power Point. It was specially designed for non-technical users. Now your movies can be produced in PowerPoint and converted to Flash format by a couple of mouse clicks. FlashSpring functions are embedded in PowerPoint toolbar and are easily accessible from there. FlashSpring is very flexible and provides you with different ways of exporting presentations to Flash format, such as solid Flash clips, multipage Flash clips, a set of Flash clips embedded in a Flash-based player. FlashSpring keeps the original layout, text styles and decorations of your PowerPoint presentations and makes them accompanied with different audio effects in WAV and MP3 format including customized narrations. FlashSpring makes your presentations compact and optimal for publishing on the Web. Now you can share your Flash presentations with millions of internet users and make them avaliable for everyone.

    2005-07-19 16:48:55

    Joel Stown

    Hi! Just found new plugin for PowerPoint called FlashSpring, http://www.activeswf.com/powerpoint-to-flash-converter.html

    2005-07-17 15:03:22


    Free PowerPoint to Flash Converter tool called ppt2swf (ppt to swf)

    2005-06-20 18:39:40

    Erwin Veugelers

    Apple has its own presentation application called Keynote, which is now part of the iWork suite, available for $79. Keynote imports PowerPoint presentations, and has a Flash export option, as well as QuickTime and PDF export options. You'll need Mac OS X to do the conversion, of course. :)

    2005-06-17 09:56:16


    Hi, All I am searching activex control which can let me convert ppt to flash from my application. Please let me know if there exists any. Thank you in advance Dhvamit Shah

    2005-04-27 14:43:57

    Jean Guillemot

    We use Speechi (www.speechi.net), they do a VERY good job I think. Their software can work with electronic whiteboards, they handle very complex PowerPoint documents...and their Light version is completely free.

    2005-04-12 18:18:40


    Hi Robin, The site is really great. Any news about transforming ppt file into fla file? Is a decompiler a solution?

    2005-04-08 15:14:12


    Hi there, Macromedia's RoboHelp has been replaced by Captiva. Check www.macromedia.com/captiva if you care. Regards - Jens

    2005-04-04 18:54:49


    I noticed that there is a new entrant to the PowerPoint-to-Flash and online training market. The company name is PointeCast (www.pointecast.com) and I tried their product. It is the fastest converter I have tried, but what I really like is their navigation feature that lets you create a nested menu when you convert your final presentation. My presentations are really long and this makes them easier to navigate. Pretty Sweet.

    2005-04-02 14:41:00


    Robin, you've compiled a very nice and useful resource, but I need to convert a PPT file to FLA (preferably to SWI but I doubt there is one). I just don't like how a SWF movie normally gets imported and I need keyframed objects rather than frame-by-frame animation. Any ideas about PowerPoint to FLA conversion? Thanks a lot, DBI flash banner studio

    2005-03-03 10:31:59


    I agreed; PPT2SWF by AJSOFT is a FREE tool that converts Powerpoint files to Flash movies. Excellent

    2005-02-26 10:03:02

    Thor Lemuel

    iMediaConverter produces the best vectors I've seen so far, and I compared all optiones before making the buy. I like that it produces one swf/slide which let me import external files and also delete slides or combine with swfs from other converted presentations. Thor

    2005-02-21 20:36:56


    I have tried a few products and remain surprised that their developers have missed the market of Flash developers wanting to repackage a PPT into a richer app than a simple player. When I called one of the better-established (shrink-wrap) companies to ask how to import their malformed SWFs into Flash, a well-informed support person admitted that they didn't forsee the Flash developer community as a market. Just marketeers trying to lipo-suck their bloated PPT files for the web. Is anyone taking this seriously for Flash developers? I'd like to know about the generated SWFs, i.e. to know their frame structure (or just know frame labels for navigation) so I can control it via ActionScript, or to be able to import into FLA without getting a bunch of gobbleygook. And, of course, have the option to generate 1 SWF for the slideshow or separate SWFs for each slide.

    2005-02-17 07:55:42


    I like ImediaConvert. I am a former user of Qarbon Viewletpresenter but found out that Netron / ImediaConvert was the real product. Help is less than stellar but it has good features and the output file is impressively small.

    2005-02-15 12:29:39

    Christina Nicholson

    Hi Robin, Could you please update the Netron entry. iMediaLearn has just released a new, improved version, rebranded as iMediaCONVERT (updates are free, as always). The new download link for the trial version is http://www.imedialearn.com/downloads.php?prod=NtrStd. Many thanks, Christina Nicholson Communication Officer, iMediasoft

    2005-01-21 06:48:53

    anand nagarajan

    Hi Is there any tool that converts HTML or ASPX page into Flash file (SWF files) thanks anand n

    2004-12-25 07:49:48


    Hi, Robin. Just found your site - haven't tried anything yet. Will keep you posted Thanks & Regards James

    2004-12-22 14:36:48


    Bonjour robin, Cela fait quelques semaines que je suis à la recherche d'un outil permettant de convertir ppt en swf et enfin je suis arrivé sur cette page... Mille mercis pour ce travail Merry christmas and happy new year Best regards Jean-Louis

    2004-12-02 16:25:42


    Not only do I need a cost-effective simple-to-use ppt to swf converter, but I'm also hoping to find one that is server or web-based. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you, Stephen Shapiro http://www.schoolfusion.com

    2004-11-30 00:35:58

    Chris L

    I've been using Camtasia to record the presentation and my voice narration and package it into flash. Works well and not that expensive. Captivate (the new RoboDemo) is pretty nice too, but one problem with most of these converters is that they don't retain links/hyperlinks within the presentation (though you can add them back in manually).

    2004-11-22 20:48:03

    Little W

    Very good site!!!! But I have some problems... I have tried many tools (almost all above) and they seem to convert hyperlinks Ok. But there seem to be only one application above that can take care of relative links such as ../../file.html This tool is Articulate, which I really like! But then it's a big problem because the content produced of Articulate cannot be viewed on Mozilla in Linux. The goal I had was to take a MS PowerPoint presentation and use it on an Intranet system accessed by Windows clients (IE) and Linux/UNIX running Mozilla FireFox. It's really not the Flash that is the problem, but the complex JavaScript from Articulate. It works on Mozilla FireFox on Windows. I need relative links because there is also a need of CD-Rom based HTML so I cannot really use the http protocol to access the pages. Anyone that has a solution for this? Regards, LW

    2004-11-19 23:32:43

    Jim Costa

    I am making presentations with Serious Magic's Visual Communicator Studio. http://www.costalive.com/office Can this be done with flash? Can the video (wmv) in this presentation be swapped out for a flash video and have the triggers to make the slide changes? Thanks in advance, Jim

    2004-11-08 16:39:55


    Robin Hi, Read your excellent article throughly and I think I covered each and every one of them (downloaded and tried most), but still couldn't find one that would answer these 2 resuests: 1) Convert PPT animation to Flash 2) Provide and API or command-line or any other mass conversions interface. The FlashPoint seems to be able to do that, but the trial link on their site doesn't function and it seems that they're out-of-business. Hope you have any idea to help me. Thanks anyway! Roy.

    2004-11-01 21:22:38

    Don McIntosh

    Hello Robin, I just discovered your web site. What a great resource! Thank you. Don.

    2004-10-22 23:32:39

    Robin Good

    Terry, you may want to give a look to: http://www.trixsystems.com/pdf2vector.html That should help your specific request. All the best, Robin Good

    2004-10-06 06:54:53


    I would like to know if there exists any tools or methods which convert PPT into SWF plus add a Flash Streaming Video into this presentation on web?

    2004-09-18 13:56:28


    hi, I should use Persian and it's right-to-left language. which of these software can help me? thanks

    2004-08-15 12:46:12


    Last time I checked neither Presentation Pro nor Articulate output a swf that can be imported and edited in Flash

    2004-08-09 10:35:16



    2004-07-27 15:58:42


    Hi? Is there any converter which can convert the active X object ? -- i.e. scrolling textbox... Thanks.

    2004-07-07 14:32:09


    hi, found this great tutorial in the web. http://www.statusquo.cl/mm/ppttofla.shtml

    2004-05-16 20:17:55


    Another alternative is Powerpoint to Exe which converts Powerpoint presentations to stand alone exe files which run wihout the need for Powerpoint or the viewer. It's not a program though, but a programming service used mostly by business but anyone can send a demo ppt or pps file for a free exe demo conversion. And it's a lot cheaper for personal presentations. It's also more secure than Powerpoint. Slides can't be edited or copied. Powerpoint to Exe

    2004-05-06 12:45:08


    PPT2SWF by AJSOFT is a FREE tool that converts Powerpoint files to Flash movies. Visit AJSOFT

    2004-05-05 02:53:22

    Kim Cavanaugh

    Another nice PowerPoint conversion program is the Flash Paper Printer, offered as part of Macromedia Contribute. ($129) Automatically converts PowerPoint files to the Flash using a print driver.








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