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    PPTools PPT2HTML converts PowerPoint presentations to web pages. PPT2HTML uses templates to control the appearance of the web pages created from the PowerPoint presentation. The templates work like merging documents in Word. You add placeholder text where you want PPT2HTML to insert information or images extracted from presentations.

    Read frequently asked questions to learn about the templates, placeholders and PPT2HTML accessibility features.

    Download: http://www.pptools.com/downloads.htm.htm

    Price: USD $69.95

    Known issues and limitations in creating POWERPOINT presentations that are later converted to Flash SWF files.

    1. Bullets. All bullets may not properly convert to Flash. With most tools, bullets having an ASCII code lower than 255 work fine.

    2. When creating PowerPoint presentations for converting into Flash, all text frames and graphical objects must be within a slide area. Otherwise in the converted slide, text and objects might not be in the right place, which can cause Flash to freeze and stop working.

    3. All fonts used in a PowerPoint presentation must be installed on the computer performing the PowerPoint to Flash conversion.

    4. All graphics inserted into a presentation must have smaller dimensions and sizes than the slide size (do not resize).

    5. ActiveX objects may present problems and compatibilities issues with some PPT2Flash conversion tools.by Robin Good

    Updates - New PPT to Flash Tools

  • PowerPoint to EXE ***DEAD


    Create a stand-alone, self-running executable from your PowerPoint presentation, which doesn't require users to have Powerpoint installed on their system. Users also don't need to download and install the Powerpoint viewer as it plays automatically without user intervention after the file is double-clicked, depending on effects — supports Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

    It also supports most effects and custom animations from Powerpoint 2002 (XP) and 2003, runs exe from a CD as exe is ideal for Internet distribution. You can make your exe available for download from your site or zip smaller executables and email them to clients as executables are secure and files cannot be edited or extracted.

    Price: Varies as it depends on project.

  • Impatica


    Impatica for Powerpoint can incorporate narration to your Web site or email marketing programs. With this program, you can convert the PowerPoint file into a compressed format that's optimized for streaming over the Internet thereby reducing the file so that it's 95% smaller than PowerPoint's HTML file. It supports most of PowerPoint's features including text, graphics, animation effects, transitions and narration. Impatica uses Java and works with Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and Mac OS X and later.

    Demo request: http://www.impatica.com/evaluation/

    Price: USD $499.

  • Convoq ConferenceASAP ***DEAD


    ASAP Pro is a Web conferencing and online collaboration application that integrates a full PowerPoint to Flash converter powered by PresentationPro PowerConverter.

    Trial: http://asap2.convoq.com/commerce/... (requires registration).

    Price: See pricing information here
    Not Flash, but still good

  • Other tools that incorporate PowerPoint to Flash converters (you're welcome to add more in the comments area):






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Other tools that incorporate PowerPoint to Flash converters (you're welcome to add more in the comments area):
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